Collection: "The Crafty Girl" Precision Cap for 2 Ounce Paint Bottle

Have you been looking for a precision needle cap that you can literally just screw onto the top of your 2 ounce paint bottle? Look no further!

"The Crafty Girl" is here to make your crafting a whole lot easier and way more enjoyable!

Are you tired of using those squeezable precision bottles that always seems to get clogged or needles getting loose when cleaning the needle tip?? Me too!

Our luer lock precision blunt needle tip is 1/2 inch in length and is made of high quality, industrial grade polypropylene and stainless steel. Each needle will come with a black silicone cover to keep liquids from drying out. The perfect needle to get that precision perfect finish.Β 

Each bag will contain a sewing needle. Needle quantities will vary based on bag quantity you choose.Β  If you are experiencing build up in your needle tip, place sewing needle inside of the needle tip. Liquids should flow freely again once done.

The perfect accessory for crafters, artists, and resin makers.